We build on responsibility and being local.
We reduce energy consumption in our apartments with energy efficient and intelligent ventilation and heat recovery systems with carbon dioxide based automatic control. Additionally, we utilize the most energy efficient LED light sources on the market.
It is also important for us to utilize the latest technology in the services we offer. We are especially proud of our electric snowmobiles, which enable completely silent and emission-free snowmobile safaris. In the future we will also use our eSleds as batteries to optimize our energy use further by using the stored energy to trim down any spikes in energy consumption by day.

We also have an extensive selection of sporting and outdoors equipment that we rent to our customers. Our services and the services of our partners are completely carbon emission free. The closer the customers get the services they wish for, the less emissions.
Additionally, we carry out the linen service of our apartments ourselves. This not only reduces emissions by not having a third party picking it up and doing it for us like most hotels, but also gives us the ability hire local people and to contribute to the local community. The core of our staff consists of locals who understand and value the Lapland environment. We produce most of the offered services ourselves and the rest in cooperation with local entrepreneurs.
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